Useful Links and Blogs

Useful Links

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The online academic encyclopedia of Philosophy, all articles are written by a selected expert in that particular field and the articles have to pass through a stringent review process. The entries make for good introductions to that particular area of study and the bibliography make for good reference to further reading in that field. 

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Similar to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy but with a different editorial process, anyone can write an article for the Encyclopedia but the article must pass through a peer review process before being accepted. While the Encyclopedia is held in high esteem it is often seen as somewhat a poor relative of the Stanford Encyclopedia but I feel this is unwarranted. 

Recommended Blogs 

Leiter Reports: Aimed mainly at academic philosophers the Leiter Report written by Philosophy professor Brian Leiter (author numerous books on Nietzsche) aims to keep his reader up to date with some of the going on's within the sphere of academic philosophy.

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