Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Philosophy Video: Introductory Course by Richard Brown

Dr Richard Brown is a member of faculty at the City University of New York. He is also the associate professor of philosophy at LaGuardia Community College. This series of lectures makes up the online content for one of his taught courses at LaGuardia community college, namely Introduction to Philosophy. The lectures consist of a number of slides which are talked through by Dr Brown and these generally outline the key points very well. Dr Richard Brown is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter discussed and many people will find this content valuable especially if they have not studied philosophy formally. The first lecture is rather drawn out and aims to provide an answer to the question 'What is philosophy?'. Dr Brown takes historical approach throughout the course discussing a variety of important philosophers. Starting with the ancients the course moves through the history of philosophy right up to modern day philosophy of mind. This course is definitely a recommended watch or listen for those new to philosophy, even though the quality of each lecture varies somewhat. 

Lecture 2: Pre-Socratic Philosophy 
Lecture 3: Socrates and the Socratic Turn 
Lecture 4: Plato 
Lecture 5: Aristotle I : Logic and Rational Thought 
Lecture 6: Aristotle II: The Philosopher 
Lecture 7: Descartes I: The Method of Doubt 
Lecture 8: Descartes II: A Priori Knowledge and Mind/Body Dualism 
Lecture 9: Locke and Berkeley 
Lecture 10: Hume I : Empiricism and the A priori 
Lecture 11: Hume II : The Problem of Induction and the Self 
Lecture 12: Kant I: Synthetic A Priori Knowledge 
Lecture 13: Kant II: Transcendental Idealism 
Lecture 14: Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: Dualism and Materialism 

To find out more about Dr Richard Brown visit his personal website here.

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