Sunday, 24 June 2012

Philosophy Video: Authors@Google: John Searle

This sixty five minute video see's international respected Philosopher John Searle come into Google's Californian headquarters to talk about his latest book. The said book being Freedom and Neurobiology: Reflections on Free Will, Language, and Political Power. This book published under abnormal circumstances as Searle mentions at the beginning of the talk consists of two essays, one on Political Freedom and the other on Free Will. The Google authors talk is solely related to the question of Free Will with Searle talking about Free Will for around half an hour with the rest of the video consisting of questions asked by various Google staff. Though not a philosophical audience many of the Google staff ask intelligent and insightful questions. As always Searle is a brilliant orator and remains one of my favorite lecturers on the subject of Philosophy of Mind even if I do not agree with every thing he says. Those interested in the question of Free Will might find this video worth a watch if they have free time.

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