Sunday, 24 June 2012

Philosophy Video: Peter Singer: The Ethics of What We Eat

This is an hour and thirteen minute guest lecture given by the influential and controversial preference Utilitarian Peter Singer. The lecture was delivered by Singer for the students of Williams College, a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts, USA. Earlier today I listened to the lecture given by Singer, where Singer outlines the various ethical questions surrounding 'What We Eat'. Singer does a great job at outlining the various ethical questions that surrounding our eating. The lecture also gives the viewer the feel of Peter Singer's preference utilitarianism though Singer provides no explicit explanation of his views during the lecture. Though this is probably due to the fact that he is lecturing to an audience that are probably already familiar with his ethical views. I thoroughly enjoyed Singer's lecture and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to engage with ethical issues surrounding our consumption of food. For those who are not familiar with Singer's overall ethical views, I recommend they read his very well written book, Applied Ethics

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